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About the webmistress.

What to say, what to say.... I dunno, don't expect to much info in here. 

Well, as you all clearly can see I am absolutely mad about the "X-Men" movie. I had no idea what the X-men were before I saw the movie, I really had no intention off seeing the movie, coz the premise struck me as silly. I was WRONG! After a while a friend and I went to see it, and it didn't take long before I got totally sucked into the story. Spent a small fortune to get the DVD imported from the states. But that didn't stop me from buying X-Men 1.5! After 3 viewings at the cinema I must admit that I downloaded X2, but now I have the DVD! I also have to admit that I've started buying the comics, but I'm a poor student... and I'm watching the animated series to find out a little more about the X-Men universe.

I have seen Sir Ian McKellen in "Dance of Death" at the theatre in London. That was pretty great! I also met Ray Park at Collectormania 5, he was great, if you want to read more about it, go here.

I dunno what else to write, can't believe u actually entered this page... and that you've read this far! There's X-Men stuff on this site, BUB!

Ok, general info.

My fave X-Man is Wolverine, he kicks ass!!! I also like Gambit. Uhm... what else...I dunno, think I'll stop here... and if you've read this far I must be more interesting than I thought. :p

Hmmm, if you're desperate to know more, go to my LiveJournal.


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