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Suzanne Davis.


Birth Name: Suzanne Davis

Date of birth (location):
10 February 1978
Denton, Texas, USA 

Height: *



Spouse : Adam Westrope (9 September 2000 - ?) (filed for divorce) 



Born in rural Texas she came out to LA right after high school and has been moving up ever since, although it seems she's still looking for her break. She recently began appearing at comedy clubs and goes up regularly at HaHa cafe in the Valley and The Icehouse in Pasadena. Pretty and really sharpening her teeth on the comedy circut, she may have what it takes.


Fun Facts:

The character she played in Generation X the movie (Buff) was never in the comic book. She is loosley based on another character called Husk whos mutant power differs from the movie version.






28 Days (2000) .... Darian (Soap Opera Cast)
"Malibu, CA" (1998) TV Series .... Alex Kaufman (1999-2000) 
"Undressed" (1999) TV Series .... Emma (1999: Season 1)
Fear Runs Silent (1999) (V) .... Kerry 
"Guilt, The" (1996) TV Series .... Hope Cornell 
Generation X (1996) (TV) .... Arlee Hicks